Burials - Clarefield Meadow


Burial plots are located in Clarefield Meadow which is a wild flower meadow with surrounding woodlands. Burial plots are marked with a simple engraved slate plaque laid flush to the ground. Many plots hold wild flowers, planted by loved ones or have simply grassed over. Memorial trees such as Oak, Rowan and Hawthorne scatter the meadow, in years to come this will turn the meadow into a thriving woodland and nature reserve. We have three resident deer, who can be often spotted at dusk grazing in the meadow. Our woodlands and surrounding land are home to rabbits, hares, owls, song birds and the occasional buzzard.  

To the South of Clarefield Meadow, you will find the pond overlooked by our memorial garden. The pond wildlife thrives in the natural flowers and reeds that grow, with the occasional swan or moorhen being spotted. Grass pathways and woodland walks can be found surrounding Clarefield Meadow, 



Burial Plots

Burial plots can either be purchased in advance or at the time of need. Double plots are available and are laid side by side.

We locate plots based on the natural development of the meadow and individual locations cannot be reserved or specified. 

When you purchase a burial plot you are purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial which is granted for a period of ninety nine years, for this a contract is generated for your right for burial at Northumbrian Woodland Burials.  We are a privately owned and family ran business and have been this way since our establishment in 2002.

Pricing is based on two elements:

  • Plot fee

  • Interment (burial) fee

There are no hidden additional fee's or charges. All plot purchases include a slate or oak engraved memorial plaque laid flush to the ground. 

Remembrance Services

Due to our sites beautiful setting, many people choose to hold extended services by the burial plot. We welcome all faiths, and can accommodate a high volume of guests. We recommend that someone does 'lead' any service. This gives direction and focus to what can be a very upsetting moment. This could be a trusted family friend, a celebrant or reverend. One of the many benefits of choosing a natural burial ground is that it can offer flexibility to personalise any send off. Wether this be a carefully timed fly past from our neighbouring airfield, or music to accompany the many thoughts of the day. 

We have a marquee, heater and seating which is available to hire for the more brisk Northumbrian days. We welcome all requests are strive to meet every request... no matter how unconventional. 

Advance Purchase

Many people choose to make an advance purchase for their burial plot. Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and distressing time, this can often be made worse by the enormous amount of administration involved with the aftermath of someones death, from registering the death to planning the funeral and taking care of any estate left behind. By pre purchasing a plot, this leaves clear instruction to loved ones about your choice in final resting place and means that some of the cost of the funeral has already been covered. 

Advanced Purchases are issued a Certificate of Exclusive Right. We retain a copy of and recommend that your copy is kept with your will or a solicitor. You can also leave additional requirements which we can pass onto next of kin at the time. This could be coffin choice and any memorial requests or service wishes. Single plots are allocated at the time of burial, however a plot which forms part of a double plot will be reserved alongside the first burial plot. To make an advance purchase only the Plot fee is required. With the Interment fee being due at time of burial. 

When the time comes, all that is required is that you inform your chosen funeral director that there has been an Advance Purchase made at Northumbrian Woodland Burials, and we alongside the Funeral Director will take care of the rest.


memorial trees

Mature trees can be purchased and transplanted above the chosen plot, acting as a 'living memorial'. Trees are transplanted during the winter months once the plot has settled. Trees must be purchased at time of plot allocation to ensure there is ample space for it to thrive within the burial meadow.


Memorial Plaques

All plots purchases now include a slate engraved plaque. Additional memorial plaques can also be purchased seperately and come in a choice of materials. Only plaques supplied by Northumbrian Woodland Burials may be laid. 



All burial plots include:

// Slate engraved plaque

// Registration fees

// All groundkeeping and site maintenance 

our prices

Plot Fees

// Single burial plot £775.00

// Double burial plot £1550.00

Burial Fees

// Single Interment fee £395.00

Total cost

(including all above fees)

// Single Burial £1170.00

// Double Burial £2340.00


memorial trees

// Oak           £400.00

// Rowan       £400.00

// Specialist   £400.00

Memorial plaques

// Slate          £150.00

// Oak           £175.00