Pet Burials - Griffon Wood


Griffon Wood offers a beautiful, natural and peaceful final resting place for your beloved pets and companions. Losing a pet can be like losing a member of your family, and it is important to give them the farewell and remembrance that they deserve. We offer simple memorials, which are sympathetic to the woodlands, and welcome visitors all year around.




Plots for pets fall into two categories, burial plots and ashes plots. All plots can be purchased in advance or at the time of need. The cost depends on the weight, if your pet does not fall into any of the categories below, please contact us for a tailored quote. We bury all animals with the exception of livestock.   

Size                           burial plots

Small      // 10kg or under        £295.00

Medium //  11kg - 25kg           £395.00

Large     //  25kg or over          £495.00


Ashes Plots





How does it work?

From your home

If your pet has passed away at home with you, all you need to do is contact us and we can guide you through the rest. You can bring your pet to us for immediate burial or we can collect your pet from home. Please note that home collection is only offered within a 30 mile radius of our site. 

From your Vets

If your pet is at your vets, contact us with the practice details, and we will arrange the collection of your pet within 48 hours. You will need to grant permission to your vet for Northumbrian Woodland Pet Burials to collect your pet and we will take care of the rest. 


Ashes can be buried or scattered within Griffin Wood and you can bring these to us on the day. All the information that we require will be collected over the phone or via email when you book in.

For ashes burial we recommend pouring the ashes direct into the ground.

Attended and UNATTENDED burials

When each burial plot is purchased you will be asked if you wish to attend the burial. Some owners simply find it too difficult to attend the burial of a loved pet, in this case, we will do this for you. We will choose the next available plot and then place your engraved memorial log slice on the nearest tree. If in the future you wish to visit, we will happily meet with you to show you where the plot is located.


Engraved log slice

Burial plots are marked by a single engraved wooden disc, which hangs from one of the above branches. Owners can choose to engrave a beloved pets name, or a final simple message. These are approximately 10-15cm diameter in size and are loosely tied to the tree using leather cord, ensuring that no lasting damage is done to the tree. Your engraved log slice is included with the cost of your plot, additional log slices can be purchased for you to take home as a reminder of your pets final resting place if you wish.


Slate and oak memorial plaques can be purchased direct from Northumbrian Woodland Burials and these are laid flush to the ground directly above the plot at a cost of £150.

Grave decoration

To ensure that our woodland thrives, we do not permit any additional memorials or artificial items to be added to any plot. Fresh flowers may be laid however we ask that all plastic wrapping is removed first. Northumbrian Woodland Burials reserves the right to remove none permitted items.



All plots include:

// Small engraved log slice

// Biodegradable cardboard coffin

// All admin fees

// All groundskeeping and site maintenance 


// Home collection fee Upon request

// Additional engraved log slice  £15.00


// Slate plaque £150.00

// Oak plaque  £175.00


We promise to care and treat your pet with the utmost respect and dignity. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I hold a service and invite loved ones

Yes. We will assist you in any way that we can to ensure that your needs are met. Please just ask if you have any specific requests.

Are Burial Plots exclusive?

Yes. Burial and Ashes plots are located side by side and single depth. We keep a digital record and mapping system of all burials which take place at Northumbrian Woodland Burials. 

Can I bury more than one pet?

Yes. Multiple plots can be purchased, if you you wish to reserve the plot alongside a pet this must be done at time of burial. We will issue you with a certificate of exclusive right for all reserved plots. To reserve a additional plots only a deposit is required, with the full balance being required at time of burial.

Can my dog attend the burial?

Yes. We welcome dog walkers on our site all year around, all we ask is that waste is picked up and that they are kept safely on leads at all times.