Ashes - Merlin Wood



At Northumbrian Woodland Burials, we have a dedicated woodland for the exclusive burial of ashes. Merlin Wood is situated between the runways on former RAF Eshott and the spitfire tie downs used in WW2 hence its name. Merlin engines were famously used to power the Spitfire's which were based on the site. The woodland is made up of Oak trees planted in rows, which form beautiful avenues. Bluebells and snowdrops litter the woodland floor with colour in the spring time and grass pathways carve out short walks in through the woodland.



Ashes Plots

All ashes plots are located at the base of a chosen tree in Merlin Wood. Each plot purchase includes the Exclusive Right and no other ashes will be buried or scattered at the base of that tree, unless requested by the purchaser.

All plots include a small slate engraved memorial plaque. 

what to do next

If you would like to purchase an ashes plot, the first thing we do is arrange a site visit. We can show you around the site, answer any questions and you can choose your tree. We then agree a date for burial, and engrave your memorial plaque so that this is ready on the day. On the day, we meet you at Merlin Wood, and show you to your chosen tree. The ashes are directly poured into the ground at the base of the tree or the casket can be buried.

additional plots

It is possible to bury an additional set of ashes at the base of each purchased tree. Only with exclusive permission of the original purchaser. 

Remembrance Services

Many loved ones choose to hold a small woodland service and share memories together. There is no time limit on how long you wish to carry out your service, and we can assist you as much, or as little as possible. 


To ensure that our woodland thrives, non-biodegradable items are prohibited for the use of plot decoration. Fresh flowers may be laid, however we ask that all plastic is removed. Bulbs may be planted at the base of each ashes plot. To ensure that the ongoing maintenance of our burial ground is manageable, we ask that no large shrubs are planted around or near the base of any tree. No edging or curbing is permitted to mark any plot.



All ashes plots include:

// Slate engraved plaque 

// Registration fees

// All ground keeping and site maintenance 

our prices

Plot fee

// Single Ashes Plot £575.00

Burial fee

// Single Ashes Interment Fee (weekday) £150.00

// Single Ashes Interment Fee (Weekend) £225.00


// Additional Slate engraved plaque £150.00

// Additional Oak engraved plaque £175.00


// Single Ashes Plot £725.00

// Additional Ashes Plot £300.00 

(at base of already purchased tree)